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About the Film

With more than 100 breweries in the metropolitan area, Portland, Oregon, takes its beer seriously. PDX: Brew City is a documentary exploring the confluence of events that turned the Rose City into the standard bearer in craft brewing. We talked to the brewery founders, the artisans who shape their beer, owners of beer bars, home brewers, writers, politicians and historians to see what makes Stumptown the largest craft beer market in the United States.

In addition to this central narrative — the beer of Portland, the people who make it and how the region around it all come together to create great final products — is a feat that is unlikely to be duplicated. The story is propelled by an attempt to visit 77 Breweries in One Day or something that can be done in no other city. Local beer writer Brian Yaeger and beer legend in the making, John Lovegrove attempt this crazy achievement.

In the end, we aim to tell why Portland is able to support all of these local breweries and take a snapshot of how the scene got to where it is.